Silver smokey eyes

I have been reading so many tutorials on smokey eyes and not a single one till date has been successful. Every time, I end up having eyes that looked more like someone has tightly punched into them. It is said that practice makes man perfect, but all my practices seemed to be going in vain.

But finally today I managed to get this subtle silver smokey eye. Though it came out right only for one eye, the other one was looking very different and ugly. Well, it is not that difficult to achieve this look, but at the same time not so easy as well.

Though I don’t have the picture tutorial of it, as I wasn’t sure that I would come right, but I can very well explain you how I made it.

Things you will need

I used these products

  • Eye primer (i used my self made primer )
  • Loose powder or compact powder
  • Kajal or gel liner for base (I used Lakme Eyeconic)
  • Smokey eye Pallete
  • Eye shadow brushes
  • Eye liner (gel or liquid whichever you prefer)
Brushes I used

How to make Silver smokey eyes?

MAC Smokey eye pallete

  • The first step is to start with clean face. Apply a foundation base all over your face and prime your eyes. I am using a self made primer (Here is the tutorial for it), which improves the staying power of eye makeup at the same time pops up the colors
  • Dab on some loose powder over the primed eyes. This will absorb the extra oil and keep eye lids dry and hydrated.
  • Now you have to create a base for smokey eye. So take kajal and create a “V” at the over eye lids till the crease area. It need not be specific and perfect as you are going to cover it with eye shadow later on.
  • Blend the kajal using an eye smudger brush or a sponge, which ever you prefer. Dab on some black eye shadow (1) with light hand over the smudged kajal. Remember you have to tap the eye shadow not smear or spread it.
  • Take the lightest shade (4) from the palette and highlight your brow bone.
  • Dab on the matt silver shade (2) on the inner “V” of the eyes and the shiny silver (5) over the black eye shadow.
  • Line the crease area with the shimmery bronze eye shadow (6).
  • If everything looks perfect, you can tightline your eyes using kajal or gel liner.
  • Line your upper eyelids with liquid or gel liner. I prefer only gel liners as they stay on for the whole day. Create a cat eye to add some drama.
  • Line the lower eye lids also. Yeah and you are done. 
  • Apply nude or a lighter shade of lipstick and also a neutral blush with smokey eyes.
Blending is the key to achieve perfect smokey eyes. I have myself not mastered the art yet. So practice and practice and you will soon get your hands perfect.

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