Pacco Robanne Black XS For Her: A review

There cannot be any other best thing to be reviewed on this day than the perfume, which has a very special place in my heart. Not just because of its fragrance but for the bond associated with it. Pacco Robanne Black XS was the first ever gift I got from my hubby and then fiancĂ©e. Today is the day we first met and now we know each other for three years. Unfortunately I am celebrating this special day alone.  So I thought to relive some of our sweet memories.
Being an arranged marriage, we went for our first date after our engagement was finalized. PatiDevji came to pick me up from my office, I was going for dinner with a person whom was totally a stranger to me until that day. J One of his friend had told him that women love gifts and chocolates, and so he had brought me Chocolates and this Perfume.

He handed it saying “I am using the Him version of this perfume and I am loving it. You might also love this fragrance.” Well, its been around 3 years to that meeting and I agree that I love Pacco Robanne Black XS to the core. Guys, I still have that empty Perfume bottle with me, it reminds me of our first date. <3 <3

Product claims:

  • An ultra Feminine and sensual fragrance for her
  • Black XS for Her is an elixir of seduction wreathed in mystery
  • A scent of contrasts with an exciting ambiguity

Price: Rs 4200 for 80 ml


Like the fragrance of this Eau de Toilette, the packaging is also sensuous. The perfume is packed in a hot pink carton box inside a glossy black carton box. Inside you will find this almond shaped dark pink glass bottle. The color and feel of the bottle is perfectly classy like other Pacco Robanne perfumes. The front of this glass bottle has a rose carved in it.
Available in 50 ml, 80ml and 100 ml packs, there is always a risk of breaking the glass bottle with mishandling. Anyone who owns this, will definitely handle it with care.  

My experience of using  Pacco Robanne Black XS For Her?

Simply speaking, I just love everything about Black XS, from its packaging to its fragrance. To be precise, it just smells romantic. I am not much of a perfume person and use perfumes only on special occasions, but I never step out without Black XS.   
The Black XS for Him is equally sensuous and I am telling this to you because my hubby uses both perfume and Deodorant from this brand. He just smells awesome; I mean the perfume and deodorant. I get swayed onto a different world altogether with the fragrance. :D :D       
The fragrance of Black Xs for Him and Her has much of similarity except that Black XS for Her is not as strong as the Him one. It is subtle and very much feminine like. If you love subtle, sensuous and yet long lasting Eau de Toilette, then Black Xs for her is a Must Buy.

My favorite perfume till date with such a sensuous and mesmerizing fragrance, Black XS has an amazing staying power. You wear it in the morning and it will linger around till the end of the day. You can feel the fragrance in your clothes and it doesn’t mix with the sweat but covers the foul smell without smelling strange.

Yays of Pacco Robanne Black XS For Her

  • Luxuriously seductive fragrance
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Classy packaging

Nays of Pacco Robanne Black XS For Her?

TADA!!! NO Cons, since its my favorite perfume.

Would I buy Pacco Robanne Black XS For Her again?

Obviously yes, I have been using this for the past 3 years and will be using in future as well. <3 :*

Rating: 5/5

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