Bridal Makeup Look Guide: How To Get A Traditional Bride Look?

Wedding season is soon to start and all the brides would be searching desperately for tips and tricks to look their best. So I have come up with a special category for the brides to be. Hope my tips help you out.

Weddings are the most special day in everyone’s life. Everyone dreams to look their best on their D day. You keep planning till the last day about what you want to wear and how you want to look on this auspicious moment.

Perfect clothes, perfect jewelry and perfect makeup all compile to a perfect bride. If you are planning to achieve the ideal traditional bride look, then you need to add some special touches besides your daily foundation and lip gloss. You need to pay attention to each and every part of your face for a beautiful and traditional look on your “Big day”.

Blushing Cheeks

Let your cheeks shine like a natural blush throughout the day. To have everlasting blushing cheeks, first apply cream blush of the desired shade on the top of your foundation and seal it off with powder blush of the same shade. Always apply blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend it up till the hairline area. Remember to consider a warm or a cooler shade that perfectly complements your skin tone.


Foundation is the most essential part of bridal makeup be it traditional or bridal makeup. Pamper your skin so that you look naturally beautiful on your special day. Prefer matte foundation that perfectly matches the color of your skin and blend it properly using a brush. Always use concealer under your eyes. Finish it up with a powder; it prevents the shiny look on your face.

Eye Makeup

Ensure that your eyes stand out on your wedding day. Prefer matte or light shimmery shades of eye shadow. Stay away from glittery stuffs has they might look gaudy on camera flash. Smear eye shadow of skin tone all over the eyelid and light brown shade on the lower lid and crease. Blend it well to get a clean look. Use waterproof eyeliner in black brown or dark brown. Black eyeliner contrasts with eyes. Curl lashes and use waterproof mascara, be sure that you comb off clumps from the lashes. Groom eyebrows well and use only brown pencil or matt eye shadows to darken them.


Plump kissable lips are always a must on your D Day. Never forget to line your lips before applying lipstick to add definition. Either fill the lips with lip liner and top it will lip gel or apply lipstick of the same shade of the lip liner. Blot the lips with a tissue and reapply lipstick; this will improve the staying power of the lipstick. Also apply a lip gloss over it to give your lips a plumped look. Avoid too much gloss as it reflects in photographs.
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