3 Indian Hairstyles For Round Faces

For a perfect look, one has to consider three basic rules – hair styles that suit particular face shape, right makeup and proper styling products. 3 Indian Hairstyles For Round Faces

So how will you determine the shape of your face and understand which hairstyle is right for you and which is not.  The first and foremost thing you need to do is pull back your hair to a tight bun or pony tail and stand in front of the mirror. Now take a damp chalk and draw the outline of your face in a mirror, which will be your facial shape.
  • Round
  • Oval
  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Heart
  • Diamond
  • Triangle

Every facial shape has particular characteristics and some hairstyles accentuate them. Here are some of the Indian hairstyles that look perfect on round faced beauties.

How to determine your face is Round?

Round faces have large and curved forehead with a rounded chin. Such faces look full and have very few angles. Cheekbones of round faced people are wider than their jaw line.
What hairstyles should round faced beauties prefer?
Girls with round face must always take care that they consider hair styles that make their face appear thin and long. Looks that tone down the fullness of round cheeks works ideal for round faces. Here are some hair style tips that you must consider.

1. Long Curls:

If you have round face, then you need to mind curls as they can highlight roundness of your face. If you are born with curly hair then keep it long, and cut them into layers. This will avoid fluffiness of your hair. Find a stylist who specializes in cutting curly hair; he/she might thin out the consistency with a proper cut giving your face fullness. Best of all, get your hair straightened or give soft curls with curling irons to give our face a flattering look.

2. Long Bobs:

Round faced people must be cautious while trying a bob cut. Haircut with same length and that falls above your jaw line can make your face even rounder. Instead go for a long bob, as they are at least 2 inches longer than chin and also complements round face. Modern bobs with wispy ends look better and look great on round faces. Cut the back shorter than the front with wispy ends.

3. Bangs:

An ideal compliment for any hairstyle, Bangs are the best hairstyles for round face. However, straight bangs are not recommended for round faces. In case you love bangs, then curl them and keep them to one side. Side Bangs will make your face look longer.

Hairstyles to avoid:

  1. Never ever tie your hair tightly back to a pony tail it will make your face look even wider. If possible give curls to the pony tails making it a focus of attention and it will take attention away from your round face.
  2. A total no for chin length hair cuts with rounded edges as they will make your face heavier than normal.
  3. Always remember to choose a hair style that will make your face longer and less rounder which also highlights your best features.

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