VOV antique gold eye shadow: A review

Hello friends, here I come with a review of my one more favorite and most used eyeshadow. If you feel that you have seen this eyeshadow somewhere then let me remind you this was the one which had broke one the same day I brought it. :D I re worked on it and made it usable.  

I didn’t have the heart to throw this brand new broken piece away. So, I anyhow wanted to use it. My remodeling attempt worked well and Tadaa I have this eyeshadow here and today I will be reviewing it.

Price: I brought this more than a year back so don’t recall. May be 150 or 200 bucks.

My experience of using VOV antique gold eye shadow:

I love this eyeshadow to the T. The antique gold shade is so awesome that I just can think of any festive makeup without it. It is a must have shade for me as it looks neutral at the same time rich on your eye lids.

The antique gold shade of this eyeshadow has light shimmers and has smooth and soft texture. It blends on easily on your lids without adding any weight on your eyes. You might just not feel it on your eyes. The SA told me that it can also be used as a blush though I don’t approve of it.

It can be used as a bronzer but not as a blush at least for me. It comes with a sponge brush applicator, which is of no use and so I threw it away. It has no fallouts hence doesn’t create any clutter while application.



Yays of VOV antique gold eye shadow:

Awesome shade
Smooth and soft texture
Blends well
Gives ultra-light feel on application

Nays of VOV antique gold eye shadow:

Useless brush applicator
No ingredient list mentioned

Would I buy VOV antique gold eye shadow again?

I don’t know how much time it will take to finish this one. But I will surely want to have this shade again.

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