Vega Foundation Brush: A Review

So all you Lovely Ladies,how is the week coming out for you guys. Today, I will be reviewing a brush from Vega. A brush is one of the essentials of makeup, it helps you get the best “no makeup look”. The brush that I will be reviewing today is a foundation brush. 

Vega Foundation Brush Review: 

  • Product Details:
Vega is a know brand for makeup accessories, especially brushes. Vega foundation brush is specially designed to give smooth and flawless look with even coverage. It can be used to apply and blend foundation on the face evenly.

  • Price: 
Rs. 170 (but I got it for 130) :D

  • My Experience of using Vega Foundation Brush:
I have always applied foundation using my fingers and was quite satisfied with the application until I read reviews of people using brush to apply foundation. Being a beginner in this league of using makeup brushes, I preferred considering Vega as they are known to offer quality products at reasonable price. 

Hence, I decided to buy this foundation brush from Vega. I just love how soft and sleek this brush looks. However, having no idea of how to use this product did make things difficult for me. It’s been more than two months that I am using it and so far I have no complaints of using it. 
It has great bristles which are soft on your skin, yet give you full coverage with ease. Although, in the beginning I had trouble blending foundation on to my face leaving fines lines that looked awkward on drying. But after various R&D’s on application of foundation, I discovered that thick foundation needs to be mixed with water to get even coverage.  

The brush does takes more amount of product as compared to application by fingers hence I prefer using my fingers, specially for daily application. 

I have wash this brush several times so far and not a single hair from it has ever come out. I was very much impressed with this feature. It takes a whole day to dry completely, which is very common with dense brushes. The bristles easily preserve their shape after washing and you need not fondle them to get back in shape as in case of blush brushes. I would say that even after several washes, my brush looks brand new, which is a clear indication of the fact that this brush would last for years without fail.
 Yays of Vega Foundation Brush:
  1. Densely packed smooth and silky bristles
  2. Applies foundation evenly on to your skin
  3. No shedding even after multiple washes
  4. Reasonably priced and excellent brush for beginners like me
  5. Comes with a plastic cover that offers protection to the bristles while storage
    Nays of Vega Foundation Brush:
      1. Leaves fines lines when used with thick foundation. However this can be avoided with proper application
      2. Takes more amount of foundation   

      Would I buy Vega Foundation Brush again?

       Well, surely once this spoils beyond use. I am quite sure that this brush would be last forever, considering the quality of bristles it has. I somewhere deeply feel that I will buy another foundation only when I get bored of using this one. :D  
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