How to restore a broken eyeshadow?

Hello friends, here I am with another DIY Blog. Today, I will be sharing my experience of fixing an all new but broken eyeshadow.

Few months back I got a beautiful golden eyeshadow from VOV. I just cannot explain the pleasure of getting a shade which I badly needed. But all my expectation was short lived when the eyeshadow broke in to pieces due mishandling. I was just so disappointed but didn’t have the heart to throw an all new broken eyeshadow.
I decided to do something with it and use it anyhow. I was so determined that I started surfing the net to restore a broken cosmetic. To my surprise there were plentiful of topics on this particular subject. After having read copious blogs on how to fix a broken cosmetic I decided to make my own DIY on fixing my beautiful broken eyeshadow into a new one.

Here is how you can fix a Broken Eyeshadow, Sorry for the Bad image quality. My Camera got crashed and I had to use my Mobile to take pictures.. :( :( 

Things you will need:

  •  Broken eyeshadow

  • Spatula

  • Thin plastic sheet

  • Rubbing Alcohol (Spirit)

Steps to restore a broken eyeshadow;

  • This entire restoration procedure can be bit messy; hence you need to have lots of patience to get it done in a right way. Your first and foremost step to restore a messy broken eyeshadow is to crush it down to thin powder. To ensure that your floor or table doesn’t become messy, either cover it with an old newspaper or old cloth.
  • Now take the spatula and cover the eyeshadow with the thin plastic sheet. Start crushing the blisters into thin powder with the help of spatula. This won’t be tedious as eyeshadows are very soft and the plastic cover will prevent the powder from spilling onto the floor.
  • Now that you have crushed the blisters, add rubbing alcohol i.e. spirit using a dropper to it. Spirit is easily available at all chemist shops.
  • I just pierced a small hole in the bottle and added few drops of it until the powder were completely drenched in alcohol.

  • Now using the flat spatula level the eyeshadow.
  • Clean out the mess created in the edges and cover using a damp cloth or cotton bud. I preferred using cotton bud. Now let the alcohol to evaporate and leave behind an all usable eyeshadow. This may take 1-2 days. Allow it to dry in a place where no one will touch or bother it. Do not keep in sunlight.

  • Now that all the alcohol is evaporated your eyeshadow is ready to be used.
Hurray!!! I saved a product from wasting. I also have a smokey eye palette from MAC from which two shades have been broken. After this successful attempt, I am going to restore them. You can also use this technique to fix broken compacts and annoying pigments that mess up your makeup bag.

I hope this was useful to you.
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