Worried of dark lips, lighten them now

Plump red lips are always given the “sexy” tag. In our today’s tiring schedule, we hardly get time to take care and pamper our selves. Our lifestyle, pollution and diet takes a toll on your body and looks. 
You must have noticed that your lips no more look pink or red without lipstick. It has uneven texture and dark pigmentation, which makes it look awful. Darkening of lips takes place due to varied factors, such as too much use of lipsticks, smoking and also sun damage.
So all you beauties who have dark lips can now sit back and relax. Today I will be sharing with you some tips that help to lighten dark lips.
  • Say no to lipsticks:

I know it is very difficult for most of you. Believe me guys it was not easy for me as well. Lipsticks are one of the major contributors that darken lips. Prolonged and continuous use of lipsticks can make the pigmentation even worse. So all you gorgeous ladies keep lipsticks for special occasions and prefer lip balms and glosses for daily use. However, once you get rid of the pigmentation, you can boldly flaunt you sexy rosy lips.   
  • Protect them from sun damage:

Like your skin and hair, even lips are prone to damage from the sun. Extended exposure to sun’s UV rays tends to alleviate the pigmentation of your lips. Hence use lip products containing SPF to safeguard your lips.
  • Quit some bad habits:

If you are addicted to smoking, drinking tea and coffee then you are not only going to have stained teeth but also dark lips. These stuffs contain nicotine, which not only lead to pigmentation of your lips but is also disastrous for your health. Hence quit these bad habit to put an end to pigmented lips.  
  • Treat with honey and lime:

Honey maintains skin’s pH levels whereas lime possesses lightening properties. Mixture of both and few drops of glycerine can work wonders on dark lips. You just need to ensure that you regularly apply this mixture every night for some weeks to get remarkable results.
  • Treat lips with almonds:

Almonds are rich in Vitamin E, an antioxidant essential for your skin. Rub your lips with almond oil and leave it on your lips for an hour. Using this trick for several weeks will give notable improvement in your pigmented lips.
  • Prefer only natural products:

Try natural products, such as like pomegranate, beetroot or coriander juice to reduce darkness in your lips. These natural products don’t include chemicals that cause any side effects.
  • Moisturize your lips:

Make a habit of moisturizing your lips regularly. This will lighten its pigmentation. Use shea butter, Vaseline, or any lip balm both at day and night to moisturize, condition as well as protect your lips.
  • Dab on some lemon juice:

The skin lightening properties of Lemon juice helps to reduce pigmentation. Simply apply lemon juice on the pigmented areas on and around your lips on daily basis. You can also make a homemade scrub using lemon juice, honey and yogurt. Rub it onto your lips and leave for 30 minutes. Then scrub it off. This scrub will not only remove dead cells forming  on your lips but also reduces darkening of lips.

Hope these tips will help you. What do you prefer to maintain the rosiness of your lips. Feel free to share your ideas with me.

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