A quick tip to get rejuvenating skin

Pollution and the stress are more than enough to drive away life out of your skin. Have you ever noticed that you skin starts to look lifeless, dull and eventually gets lines aging? Why is it so? Why is our generation aging at such a speed?

Simply put, it is all because of our lifestyle. We have customised our life in such a way that we hardly have time for ourselves. Here is a tip to have a rejuvenating looking skin every day.  

You can have shiny and clean blemish free skin by applying tomatoes on your skin. If you hate to eat raw tomatoes like me, then try to smear it on your face.

Take a small slice of tomato, (keep a piece aside while chopping veggies) and scrub it nicely on you face in circular motions. You can do this at night or in the morning before having bath.
If you are applying tomatoes at night, then let it stay on you face for the whole night. Next morning wash you face with normal and Luke warm water and you will experience an all new softness in your skin. Regular application of tomatoes will get rid of all the blemishes and fine lines appearing on your face.

If you applying tomatoes before having bath then let it dry. Once its dries you can wash you face as normal but avoid using soap after that. You can use your normal facewash or any home made pack like besan to clean your face. Using besan will give you better results.

You can also smear tomato juice instead if you find scrubbing tomato slice as tedious.  

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