Easy and budget light solution for oily Eyelids

I have very oily skin and hence no makeup stays on my face for more than 2 hours. After that I get shiny foreheads, nose and cheeks. It seems as though I had dabbed all the highlighter one has, which is pretty much not a good thing. I just hated to blot my face all the time I visit the washroom.

However, I found a solution to get rid of this oiliness. Every evening after coming back home I used to apply Multani mitti facepack mixed with rose water and few drops of lemon juice. Regular use of this pack or say almost daily use of this pack has reduced my skin’s oily texture. Nevertheless, it has managed to extend that 2 hours to 4-5 hours at the most. What more can you expect?

Multani mitti has helped my T zone but my oily eye lids were still an issue. No liner, be it gel or a liquid one stay well on my lids for more than 2-3 hours. My oily lids didn’t allow me to use eyeshadows, which I love the most, on regular basis. Kohls were a big disaster for me as I always ended up with panda eyes. But Maybelline’s Colossal came to my rescue in this case.

I have been a regular reader of IMBB and few weeks back I came across a blog which gave you tips to make a eye shadow base. I was just so happy to see this as I wanted to buy one but was confused which one would work for my very very oily lids. I was moreover scared of the fact that what if after spending money on an eye primer I don’t find it upto the mark.

So I decided to make an eyeshadow base of my own. However, the writer didnt have oily lids so the concoction she prepared just worked right for her. But I had to make some changes in it considering my skin type.

Things required:

  •         Water based Foundation (or any foundation of your choice)
I used Oriflame’s Very me Peach Me Perfect foundation and Lakme Face Magic and blended them as both work very well on me.
  • Aloevera Gel
Aloevera gel of any local brands gel will do. Since it is a water based gel it keeps your eye lids moisturised and nourished.  
  •          Lacto Calamine (Pink one)
The idea here is to use a moisturiser. Since I am a loyal user of this product for quite a long time I am very well aware that it keeps my skin dry. You can use any moisturiser you prefer. Lacto Calamine retains oily hence works well for anyone with oily skin.
  •          Compact powder
I used an old MAC compact which was broken in to piece due to mishandling. I couldn’t apply it on my face but found a good way to use it.
    •          Small dabba        
      To mix the concoction and store it. I used my Old Lakme Face Magic dabba as it has some soufflé left but dried enough to be used. So i decided to use that to make my eye shadow base.

      How to make:

      I mixed small quantity of my  Oriflame’s Very me foundation in my Old Lakme Face Magic dabba with some dried out souffle and blended it well to ensure no dried pieces are left out. Now add some aloevera gel and lacto calamine to it and mixed it. Powder the compact well and mix it in this concoction. Blend it well till you are left with a smooth foundation like mixture.

      Now take very little amount of it and apply it to your eyelids  and blend it well. After using the mixture is made with equal amounts of each ingredient on my eye lids I still found my lids getting oily easily. So I decided to add more of Aloevera gel and Lacto Calamine to it and used it the next day and I was like relived with my issue of oily eyelids. It stayed for more than 9 hours without getting oily.

      Finally, I found a solution for my oily lids. I yet have to try it with eyeshadows, but I believe that it will stay pretty well at least for 5 hours and so on.  For the very reason that I have oily lids, I never tried crème eye shadows. I think now I must give it a try.

      So, Gals what are you waiting for go ahead and make your eye shadow base. Feel free to share your experiences with me. Any additions are always welcome. 
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