A very happy Ganesh Chaturti to everyone

Good Morning People and a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi to everyone. No other city in this country celebrates this festival to the core as Mumbai does. My saddest concern is that despite being a public holiday, I am working. :( :(

It is so painful to wake up in the morning on a holiday only to find everyone around you is sleeping and will be sleeping for another 2-3 hours at peace. Moreover, yesterday being the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi the whole city was busy bringing home their idols of Lord Ganesha. Traffic Jams on every roads and small lanes made mobility a big issues. My Patidev was frustrated driving me back home amid those jammed roads.

Well while you are driving you tend to get aggressive when a 10 mins way is not been made even half in 20 mins. :D I was pretty much frustrated as well but every time I came across a tempo or truck carrying Ganesh Idol, there was a big giant smile on my face. All I couldn’t stop wondering was even after cribbing so much about inflation and price rise people have not lost the enthusiasm while celebrating festivals.

My locality itself would have more than 100 Mandals and each Mandal competing with the other about the size and beauty of the idol. They are not realising the fact that more idols means more immersions and thereby high level of pollution to our water bodies.

No one is bothered about it. People simply turn deaf ears to such practises. Secondly the noise pollution created during festivals. Despite the ban raised to on playing of loudspeakers after 10 pm no one seems to be affected with it.

I heard people saying that tomorrow is “Bharat Band”. The very first thing I said after listening to this was “kis Khushi me”. Our ministers just enjoy causing unnecessary trouble to people for no reasons. We are the ones who are facing the ill effects of inflation and we are only the ones to face the side effects of the Bharat Band as well. It will do us no good we all know. Most people will be happy saying that they will get a holiday, while other who have to work will have to ponder about ways to make it to their office. Right!!    
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