Feet Care

How can we care our feet?

Our feet are one of the parts of our body most work during the day and the least pay attention, sometimes wearing heels too high, lasts too narrow or too sharp tips, all this can lead to irreparable injury. It is important to note that the time is ideal to buy shoes in the afternoon, also worth noting that it is very possible that we have one foot slightly larger than the other, so when buying a shoe to measure it in both feet, since it is possible that one foot will fit well but on the other you tight. Another point is that not everyone has the same type of foot, so we'll see the different types that there is to know with which we identify.

Beauty Tips

This is a type of foot that has the second longest toe after toe, meanwhile the third finger is about the same, while the fourth and fifth are smaller.

Polynesian or square foot:
In this foot almost all fingers are equal and are at the same height.

Egyptian Foot:
In this foot the big toe is the longest and the others follow in descending order by size, this type of foot is the most sensitive and therefore requires more care.
To take care of our feet is recommended to go barefoot in safe places on the grass, sand, carpet, among others, this is good because it activates the circulation and will help to perspire freely. When our feet are tired and sore we dip them in warm water for a few minutes which will cause them to relax.
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