How To Get Rid Of Hair Fall The Natural Way With Acupressure

Beautiful and healthy looking hair is something everyone wishes for. However, the increased usage of chemicals on hair is leading to problems, such as grey hair and Hair fall.

Technology has come up with varied treatments that promise to solve all your hair related problems. Nevertheless, the amount of negative impacts of these treatments is varied and the results differ from one person to another. But, you still can relive a sigh of relief because Acupressure massage comes to your rescue when all other remedies for hair fall fail.

Originated in 1600 BC, Acupressure massage is a regimen started off in Chinese medicine. This is a heavenly miraculous hot oil hair massage that offers relief from numerous health conditions, and hair loss is one of it. Treating your body with acupuncture points for hair growth will give you following benefits:
  • Brings oxygen to the scalp
  • Healthy blood circulation to the face and scalp
  • Maintains overall Health of blood
  • Flushes out toxins
  • Gets rid of dead skin cells, dandruff and debris

Acupuncture treatment for hair loss:

Acupressure massage aids in healthy hair growth as well as strengthening of your existing hair. It is recommended to enhance the acupressure massage’s benefits of olive oil. Olive oil when massaged to the scalp neutralizes the DHT hormone, responsible for hair loss. The natural ingredients of Olive oil reduces the development of DHT i.e. Dihydrotestosterone on the scalp, thereby promoting hair growth.

How to do an Acupressure Massage?

Here is a simple step by step guide to achieve benefits of Acupressure for hair growth:
1. First twirl your strands of hair around your finger giving gentle tug on to the roots. This will help to stimulate nerves of your scalp. Follow this technique for whole of your scalp.
2. On your scalp around a distance of 6 to 8 fingers above your eyebrow is located the Seat of Bliss. This part of your scalp is slightly softer than rest of your skull.
3. Start massaging lightly by making circular strokes at the seat of bliss with your fingers before moving out to the rest of your skull. Make the strokes bit firmer as you branch out from soft part of your head.
4. As you move out from the seat of bliss, it’s time to concentrate on the occipital ridge. It is a point where the muscles join the skull. This part is on your hairline just above your neck. It is a very powerful acupressure point, which relaxes you instantly from stress. Apply pressure with your fingers or thumb on this point and hold on for some time, if you hold on for few minutes you will get a deep release. As soon as you releasing you will feel the flow of blood and all your stress and tension gets vanished.
5 Next you need to draw a line using your finger from this acupressure point to the middle of the scalp. There are numerous acupressure points located on this line. Gently stimulate them by applying light pressure using your finger pads. Keep doing this till you reach the bottom of your hair line.
6. Don’t forget to concentrate on the edge of your hairline framing your face. Massaging these points will not only stimulate growth of hair but also help you relive from stress.
7. Acupressure points are present all over the scalp; hence massage the entire scalp with your finger pads. Repeat this entire process till you feel these points have loosened.
Following this acupressure massage routine will augment the flow of blood, nutrients and oxygen to the scalp. Proper supply of oxygen and blood to the scalp will not only nurture it from inside but will also give your healthy and shiny tresses.
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