Mask for Remove Pimples

Apple and Melon Mask Remove Pimples

The homemade masks are usually an excellent solution to combat certain skin problems. Is that plant, source of life, having within them the best elements to eliminate those things we do not want. The apple and melon will wonders for your complexion.

The melon and apple together form an excellent homemade mask against blackheads and other facial imperfections. Simply, you must be prepared to join them.

Grab an apple, peel and cut into cubes. Then do the same with a good slice of melon.

Put them together in a blender and blend until they take proper consistency. You know if you do not take the mask consistency, just add a little flour or oatmeal, especially the latter which is excellent for the skin.

Once it is ready, apply with rotating movements, following the direction of the muscles of the face and ever upward.

When the mask and acted for 15 minutes, remove it with water or a paper towel.
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